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One of the hardest parts of running a business is ensuring that all HR operations run smoothly and are constantly serving to benefit of the company. Besides recruiting and training new employees, the HR department should also be addressing other key concerns such as:

  • attendance
  • time tracking performance 
  • storing all personnel data and documents
  • onboarding and offboarding
  • payroll
  • evaluation

When you are working in HR, it is essential to have a useful and well-functioning toolkit that enables you to work efficiently and with ease to process all the necessary operations. The software used for HR purposes should not just be beneficial for the employer, but also have additional features that employees can benefit from, too. This is the point at which many companies find themselves stuck. Their ERP & HR software has limited functionalities and they are missing many features that their current software should include. 

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How to benefit from using Vault?

Having the possibility to maintain all the processes needed in HR in one place is an advantage. The best software solutions on the market serve all your needs, to make your work as efficient as possible. They save your time, effort, money, and help you prevent mistakes.

Switching from one tool to another for completing tasks is inefficient and time-consuming. All-in-one platforms are connected even to your other tools and sometimes you don’t even have to leave the UI of one tool to use another.

We have built Vault to give you exactly this experience – using one tool that empowers you with the functions of many integrations, saving you time and making you more efficient. So, how does it work?

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The dashboard is the first thing you see when you log into Vault. It gives you all the basic info you need to know about the current status of the hiring process, but also about your time tracking stats as well as current and upcoming absences. When you have pending tasks on any checklist that are not completed, you will be notified. 

You can find here also the actual status of all projects and uncompleted evaluations if you are logged in as a rater – which is helpful for Project Managers and Team Leaders.

Personnel Module

In the Personnel module you can safely and efficiently store and recall all employees’ personal information that a company must possess but also skills, project allocations, the employee’s supervisor, payroll information, and much more. All information is confidential and should be stored as such. You can easily get an overall picture of employees through charts and roll out statistics about the number of people working in different companies or offices.


Statistics based on gender, age group, position, leaving by age, average tenure in months, attrition rate, and more can be set up according to your preferences and needs. You will have all HR reviews and security checks at your fingertips.    

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The Candidates section stores all data about current, arriving, and past candidates. Hence, you can find and call again candidates you already have interviewed. The screening process can be organized and done in collaboration with department managers thanks to the comments function for each candidate. Another great feature is that you can easily select employees based on different categories like office/restaurant, position, trial or future employees, and others.  

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Time off roster

The Time off roster will give you a perfect overview of the employee’s holiday, sick days, or upcoming bank holidays.  

Time Off 


No need to send any more emails if you request a holiday. Employees can ask for time off with just a few clicks. The HR department or dedicated manager receives a request for approval. Every member of the employee’s team can also see the date of time off. Every employee will know how many days are left of his sick days and holidays. The Time Off function almost self regulates vacation time. Sick leave visible on dashboard improves transparency in your organization.

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With Vault-ERP you get another important statistic that can help you decide about salary increases. You can read performance reviews made by the employee’s supervisors, or you can track their skills, as well as keep track of their office presence, incidents, time balance or the appraising score. With the appraisal module, you can say “Thank you” to your colleagues if they go the extra mile. It’s a perfect motivator for everybody.

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Checklists help to easily verify, prioritize, and fulfill all important tasks. Their main aim is to reduce errors, ensure that carrying out a task is consistent and complete and that nothing is forgotten about. They are a crucial and essential part of running any kind of business because they can save time, improve productivity, and avoid mistakes. In our previous blog, The Power of checklists, you can find out more about this tool.

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Working smart gives you more time
By using smarter and more efficient ways how to handle HR tasks and issues you get more time in return. Order makes you more effective and prevents you from making mistakes. 



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