Case study Case study: How Subhanu Consulting became more effective during the pandemic

Case study: How Subhanu Consulting became more effective during the pandemic


Like anywhere else, there are many social difficulties in India. One of the most powerful ways to combat these difficulties is through education. We have nothing but respect for organizations that choose to spread enrich and empower their communities, therefore we were honored when Subhanu Consulting accepted our offer to become a beta-tester of the Vault-ERP suite.

Subhanu Consulting is a small Indian company based in Bengaluru. Aside from the business aspects, creating technology solutions for enterprises and corporations, their other goal is STEM coaching of children – which means they develop their skill and knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Imagine, how a small team of 20 divided into 2 equal groups – one for business consulting, one for STEM coaching – had to deal with a COVID crisis. Suddenly, everything changed.

The biggest challenges were:


  • Find out how to streamline both aspects of their business while working from home
  • Track time more effectively – their previous system required some serious coding if they wanted to set time reports with the parameter “from” and “to”
  • As a relatively small team, they couldn’t afford in-house system changes, because it would mean more financial and time investments

Between technical obstacles and lockdowns, it seemed to be a tremendous challenge. Fortunately, our dedicated team implemented Vault and streamlined Subhanu’s processes so that it included employees working from home.

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Subhanu Consulting after the Vault implementation

Subhanu Consulting was offered to use the Time Tracking module and associated features such as Product Management. Together we have implemented many solutions:

  • A dynamic change in task management
  • Automated repetitive tasks
  • Daily course corrections made easier
  • Utilizing data to make effective decisions

Subhanu’s team leaders now have a powerful tool in their hands. They now have the ability to initiate and assign projects without the complicated and repetitive pre-steps, like contacting every team member and organizing their roles. The Checklists module is a great management tool for handling repetitive tasks and Subhanu experienced it firsthand on their processes. Thanks to these smart options no task is forgotten and is easily reviewable.

The overview of employees was also enhanced. The Time-off Roster provides team leaders with better insights into the availability of team members, their time off, and working capacity. This prevents projects from being understaffed.

As part of the beta testing, we implemented Subhanu with Vault-ERP’s HR module to improve consistency and performance with critical processes such as:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Administrations of payrolls
  • Working remotely
  • Improved interaction between management and employees while working from home

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The smart tool is an investment into your growth


Your business isn’t based on one technological tool. Foundations of great companies start with knowledge, talent, people, and a vision. But with the right tool, you can cultivate and grow the company during good times and survive the bad times. Lockdown or remote working doesn’t have to be a set-back – if you are ready.

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