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Why employees' opinions matter and how to collect them


Employees are often described as a company’s greatest asset. No surprise as they’re the foundation and overall backbone of how a company operates, which is why it’s crucial to recognize their importance.

Employee engagement may seem like a small thing, but it plays a huge role. By asking employees for their opinions, you can develop a stronger bond with them and see increased levels of performance and productivity. Keeping them in the loop throughout the decision-making process and making sure they understand why something worked, or didn’t, shows that they have an impact and allows them to be more engaged and connected with the organization.

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However, failure to recognize the importance of your employees can have a detrimental effect on a company. If they’re unable, or don’t have a lot of opportunities to voice their opinion, it could result in an unmotivated employee. If they don’t feel respected you could begin to see the negative effects which include poor communication, or diminished productivity to name just a few.


Empower your employees by listening to them

Vault’s opinion polls provide you with a platform where you can give your employees an opportunity to voice their opinion. Employee empowerment can have several benefits to a business as it allows you to motivate your employees, show them that their feedback matters, increase job satisfaction and much more.

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A Vault poll is easy to create and fully customizable. Whether you want to decide the next team building activity or find out how happy your employees are, Vault has it covered. Simply add a title, type, status, mode and as many options as you deem necessary.

It’s also been made easy for employees when it comes to voting and voicing their opinion. Every employee will see the poll on their dashboard meaning there’s no need to step out of the system. All it takes is a few clicks before your employees have voiced their opinions.


Collect and analyze answers easily

Collecting and analyzing feedback from your employees can be a tiring job. With Vault, you no longer have to deal with numerous emails and spreadsheets. With one click, you can quickly analyze these answers and get the report you require.

Being able to sort this data is the key to making better decisions. The ability to sort the voting data by team, company, position, or age allows you to gain a clearer understanding of how your employees feel. Vault also allows you to customize how the results of the polls are displayed. This means they can be made secret during the poll, visible all the time or just after the poll is closed.


How to use polls to boost your company’s culture

There are plenty of ways you can use opinion polls to your benefit. Here are a few ways:

  • Voicing their opinion on actual matters (social, political, or a situation inside the company)
  • Suggestion box – find out what could be better
  • Brainstorming team building activities
  • The best or the worst project
  • The company’s social responsibility – which cause or movement should not be ignored
  • Education – which courses or workshops could help employees grow

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As you can see, by using opinion polls you can receive valuable feedback on several topics. Knowing your employees and what they think or feel can be crucial to a lower staff fluctuation rate. Find out more about Vault and what it has to offer – reach out and we’ll gladly answer any of your questions.



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