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How do employees benefit from a true cloud ERP?


Today we often hear ERP solution providers saying that they’re on the cloud. But you have to be careful and truly know whether your ERP solution is a true cloud solution or not. This article will teach you about true cloud ERP and how it benefits employees and companies.


What is a true cloud ERP?

A true cloud ERP offers completely hosted solutions developed from the ground up with coded software to perform better. The cloud allows teams to access systems from anywhere with an internet connection. The design of the infrastructure is to deliver near-perfect performance and sophisticated data privacy measures.

There are no limits to the number of users or storage space on a true cloud platform. A true cloud ERP is on a virtual server that varies from a hosted solution. Your data is hosted in data centers that are connected to other servers and is accessible via the internet by the software vendor. The data centers allow the workload distribution to share resources, but your data is still protected. Due to sharing expenses on data among people, there’s less burden on the company and it’s an economical option.

A hosted cloud solution is a single-tenant service designed on a private cloud. If a company is using a hosted cloud ERP system, it implies that they retain ownership of their software. But instead of running it on their servers, they pay a service provider to run it on their behalf. 

With a genuine true cloud provider, all ERP clients will often have access to the same solution from the same cloud which ensures that consumers have constant and immediate access to current offers and the most recent product changes.


How a true cloud ERP benefits employees

Even though all users use the same platform, a true cloud ERP system enables customized programs. Customizations allow a company to modify the software to their business operations so they can boost efficiency and obtain more profound insights into their data. Configuration of customizations is on the central platform. Therefore, there’s no locally installed software or applications requirement. Furthermore, these customizations will continue to function normally even if the system upgrades.

It is hugely empowering to provide employees with modern SaaS ERP tools that they need to make their jobs more accessible and efficient. It fosters a culture where employees are ready to go above and beyond to improve customer happiness and company profitability.

A true cloud ERP can benefit employees in the following ways:

Automated processes

A modern cloud ERP delivers the tools that allow your staff to spend less time on repetitive chores and more time on value-added tasks by automating procedures, optimizing workflows, and offering meaningful AI-assisted analytics. Employees will have more time to take on new and fulfilling tasks inside the company, which allows for professional advancement with increased responsibilities and skillsets.

For example, in an ERP HR module, the automated process of time tracking, leave management, online recruitment, and payroll calculation can allow employees to be more productive and do tasks that add more value instead of doing manual processes.

Informed decision making

ERPs use analytics, machine learning algorithms, and actionable insights to regularly track performance based on a range of parameters. Progress is tracked in real-time which gives staff visibility and empowers them.

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Teams can carry out informed decision-making and keep track of projects and their budget. Stakeholders can make better decisions that are driven by data. It will help them analyze specific project metrics and intelligently make decisions while efficiently managing expenses and resources.

Mobile accessibility

You can provide every employee in your company with access to the information that they need with a proper cloud ERP system. Provide customized, configurable dashboards to your staff so that they can efficiently perform tasks and measure their progress against personal or business goals. Mobile ERP access or apps enhance 'anywhere accessibility' to exchange information with other workers, departments, and customers anywhere and anytime. It allows corporate stakeholders to be more productive.

Increased efficiency

Companies can transition from manual processes to an all-in-one solution with optimized business operations that boost efficiency across the board by using an ERP solution. Due to seamless information availability, automated business processes, and remote working capabilities that an ERP solution provides, efficiency will increase, and more work will get done faster.

Information sharing

A comprehensive cloud ERP system simplifies resource monitoring and scheduling and ensures that everyone gets the tools and collaboration required to do their work. All the various roles that stakeholders play in the company will be able to benefit from using the information now that they have access to it.

Customer service representatives will be able to respond to inquiries immediately, sales representatives will be able to make product or service recommendations, and field technicians will have immediate aware regarding the status of inventory parts. These services will all be possible while working autonomously to resolve issues or inquiries. The company can use a finance module to track the finances of the partnerships and monthly expenses such as salary, rent, training expenses, business travel, etc.


The necessity for true cloud ERP systems is evident in recent developments as it enables organizations to grow, adapt, and expand quickly in today's market. Everything is now automated by using a true cloud ERP system like Vault which allows staff to work from home and enhances productivity.

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Discover Vault, a true cloud ERP

Vault is a versatile project management software that is built for the cloud and is easily accessible across devices. By using Vault, teams can perform various activities and improve efficiency by centrally assigning tasks and tracking activities, KPIs, and analytical dashboards that will help you get a better grip and control over your operations. 

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