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How to boost productivity in your organization


Is your organization suffering from a lack of productivity? Whether you’re experiencing low employee moral or being held back by repetitive, mundane business processes, a lack of productivity can lead to missed deadlines and missed opportunities. Luckily, there are a variety of ways you can bring momentum back to your organization. Read on to find out how to boost productivity in your company.


What is organizational productivity and why is it so important?

Organizational productivity is the capacity of a business to produce desired results (output) with a minimum expenditure of resources (input - time, money, and human resources). The importance of productivity cannot be overestimated. The level of your business success depends on it. A highly productive environment will return profit on investments, improve your brand image, attract talents, and retain staff.

The assets of every organization are its employees and the tools they are given to perform at their best. These “tools” range from training, well established working practices, technology, pay, work-life balance, company culture and company goals, good leadership, and efficient teamwork.


What are the factors for improving organizational productivity?


Well defined job roles, responsibilities and goals are important for taking ownership. If employees do not know what the goals are, or tasks are executed without allocations and set deadlines, resources will be wasted. Accountability culture is both important and satisfying as it provides clarity and transparency. The employees will know what is expected of them.

A cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and other project management tools can help you set up processes. As you implement the right software tools, non-performers become more visible.



Give a box of tools to unmotivated person and they will fail. Give one tool to a motivated person and they will succeed. Motivating employees will go a long way towards increasing productivity. Besides giving employees money, there are non-monetary incentives to keep them motivated. Give the top performers your time and attention. It will convey the message that they are valued.

For example, you could introduce a reward system where employees can give colleagues reward tokens for assistance, good performance, and more. You can easily use a system like this using Vault ERP.

This is just one way to say thank you. Show your teams that their opinion matters by collecting their feedback on any topic. Read more about the benefits here. Organizing team-building events or adding new job titles to roles when responsibilities increase is another way of keeping your team motivated.


Work-life balance

This is big when it comes to motivation and staff retention. Work conditions often go before the pay as we all seek a quality of life improvement. It has been proven that having a good work-life balance reduces absenteeism, has a positive impact on mood and reduces stress. Employees make better decisions, are more productive, and feel valued.


Company culture/Corporate Social Responsibility

People are also increasingly looking for purpose and meaning in their professional lives. Examine in which ways your organization contributes to your society or supports the local community and let your employees know. If you are a little behind the trend and haven’t taken part in many initiatives you can be proud of yet, don't worry, as your organization can start engaging in activities to support compelling causes any time. Ideally, choosing an initiative that your staff support would be best.


Learning opportunities

Learning opportunities keep employees engaged and makes them more knowledgeable. Upgrading their skills and gaining knowledge makes employees proud and happier. People naturally long for change, meaning they will have multiple skills to be able to rotate jobs, resulting in more satisfaction and preventing monotony.


Project management tools

Implementing project management software will help you with the planning, execution, and monitoring of projects. You will be able to assess risks, automate tasks and keep on top of the entire project cycle.

The right project management tool will allow you to track progress, collaborate across departments, manage resources, centralize communications, and help with budgeting – all from one place. Vault ERP is a complex system covering all aspects of business operations from HR, financials, project, vendors, and assets management to hiring.

Learn how to boost your project management with the right tool.


Time tracking

Identifying the tasks which are the most time consuming allows you to automate tasks further and improve productivity by introducing more software management tools. This way, you can gain a complete view of employees’ performance.



Creating a checklist of tasks for each process will ensure consistency and reduce errors. They are useful in any business area where repeatable tasks occur. Typically, the processes will involve multiple departments and have an impact on other processes. Set up properly, far less checks are necessary. You could create a checklist for onboarding/offboarding processes, business trip preparation or project templates. Tasks will be assigned to the right department and the right person and completed by set dates. If you are new to checklists, here is more information on the power of checklists.


Tasks automation

Whether hiring, raising a PO, or approving transactions, tasks can be automated, and communications centralized in one place. Task automation reduces human intervention and improves the workflow (e.g., with creating tickets).

Read on: Why should you automate your business processes?


Other technology upgrades

Train your employees on innovative technologies and make sure they are using the latest tools related to your business processes. Outdated technology slows down the workflow and leads to frustration.

There are a host of software tools which help you significantly increase productivity. Take a closer look at what Vault ERP has to offer.

Whether you decide to use Vault ERP or other management software tools, the benefits to your organization will be priceless. Gaining a in-depth overview of employees’ performance as well as having more insight into your business processes will reduce stress and allow for necessary adjustments. You can start small - just adding one tool will make a difference. Taking advantage of the latest technologies combined with teams’ care and company culture is the formula to skyrocket your organization’s productivity.

Interested in learning more about how Vault ERP can help your organization's productivity? Don't hesitate to get in touch.



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