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How to streamline your recruitment process


The recruitment process can be a bothersome job for any HR department. It requires a lot of time and effort to post job advertisements, create a shortlist of candidates, carry out interviews and then make your final choice. Despite it being such an important job, many organizations still have an inefficient hiring process.

There are several factors that contribute to an inefficient hiring process. These include:

1. Lack of planning

Planning is essential in order to ensure you effectively hire the best candidates. You must plan for your current and future needs, how you’re going to source the ideal candidate, what skills you’re looking for, what criteria you’ll use to assess candidates and much more. It’s important to take time to plan how you’re going to execute a goal at every stage of the hiring process.

The recruiters who fail to plan properly will only set themselves up for failure later. It’s not possible to adopt an efficient hiring process without proper planning.

2. Lack of clarity

Recruiters that fail to clearly define what they expect from candidates in order to ensure they’re successful at the job causes problems for everyone. Recruiters will have to spend time and energy going through several candidates and the applicants will need to take time to apply for a job that doesn’t suit their skill set. It’s important to create unique job requirements and descriptions as it’s a step towards a more efficient hiring process.

3. Lack of communication

Internal communication with your recruitment team on a regular basis is also key. By having regular conversations and meetings, you can ensure you’ll miss no opportunities and that there’ll be no delays with the hiring process.

It’s also important to have consistent contact with candidates. It reaffirms to them that your organization is interested which will in turn keep them interested. A significant amount of time, money and energy can be saved by streamlining your communication process with prospective applicants.

4. Using the wrong technology

Using the wrong tool/technology for the job can cause unnecessary delays and complexity in your hiring process. It’s important to ensure that the technology you use is well-suited to the size of your company and your hiring volume. Overly complicated technologies can cause delays due to needless complexity, while outdated or insufficient technologies might not be able to keep up with your team.

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Lower quality hires

Adopting an inefficient hiring process can lead to bad hires which can have several negative effects. If your new employee is working at a capacity lower than others, this could impact staff morale. Some employees may see their salary stay the same but their workload increase in order to help the struggling employee. If the new employee has a negative attitude this could also disrupt the staff morale and office environment. The inability to fit seamlessly into existing teams and collaborate with others can impact employees and their job satisfaction.

Lower quality hires may be unable to do their job as effectively as the person they were brought into replace. This may result in a decrease in productivity which could have a negative effect on the business and its ability to meet standards and targets as well as the overall performance of the team.

It can also prove to be a costly mistake. Not only does it take time and money to source the candidate, but it’ll also take more time and money to replace. New candidates incur several costs such as onboarding, training and much more. Failure to rectify this process would see you continuously take the wrong steps as you look to replace each bad hire.

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However, by having the right system in place you can streamline the process, reduce the burden on your HR department and increase the quality of your hires. There are many systems out there to choose from, this is due to the benefits it can bring to the hiring process. As many as 94% of recruiters and hiring professionals say that recruiting software has positively impacted their hiring process. The right system should allow you to:

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If you’re looking for a system that can help streamline your recruitment process, be sure to use Vault. It has everything that the right system should have. Our Recruitment module allows you to optimize your recruitment process from job posting to candidate management and much more. Be sure to reach out and contact us for more information.



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