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8 ways Vault ERP can help your HR department


Human resources is one department that stands to gain a lot from technology. There’s a lot of work and an intense day-to-day routine involved in HR management, especially if it’s a multi-company setup with multiple companies operating in different locations under different laws. However, this can all be optimized if you have the correct tool that’ll help you implement your work processes, ensure compliance, and automate manual tasks which’ll save you time, money, and reduce the chance of any errors.

Vault is a platform that encompasses a wide range of features and functionalities that’ll help you digitize your HR management and improve morale and productivity. But are you sure you’re using it right? Carry on reading for some tips that’ll help you boost your HR operational excellence and seek the results you desire.  


Make sure all your employees use the time tracking feature  

One of the major features provided by Vault is the time tracking module that lets you track your team’s working hours. As more companies move towards a remote working culture, it’s important for time tracking to be done more efficiently than ever.

Ensure all your employees understand the time tracking feature and use it to create accurate estimates for your projects. With this tool, you can create better project schedules that take your team’s time and work capabilities into account and ensure no resources are wasted during the course of the project. In addition, HR managers can rest easy as Vault’s time tracking makes billing a lot easier.  

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Use it for onboarding in multiple locations 

Onboarding is one of the most crucial tasks undertaken by the HR department and is often a pain as nothing ever goes to plan. But it doesn't have to be like that anymore. Vault makes the process smooth and hassle-free across all your locations. You can easily abide by the laws and have a quick look at how the new recruits are performing at every company. It automates the entire process and can ensure an error-free onboarding process for HR and the new hire.

HR managers can quickly get on track with the real-time progress of all newcomers and ensure that all tasks are correctly executed as part of the onboarding process. The tool allows you to easily navigate between different locations which’ll help you keep an eye on how onboarding is going at different locations. 


Optimize recruitment  

HR managers have a hard time trying to filter the suitable candidates for a job role and can use all the help they can get to simplify the recruitment process. Vault makes it possible by breaking down the recruitment process into easy manageable steps and automates a lot of the manual work that’s involved.  

You can easily track all candidate information, filter candidates based on your set parameters, and assess every application with ease. You get an intuitive dashboard where you can see all the details related to candidate management in real-time.

Detailed reports and data visualizations allow you to make the right decision and match the right candidate to the right role.

Recruitment often involves sharing personal candidate data which means it needs to be strictly compliant with the data regulations put forth by legal entities. Vault helps on that front as it keeps confidential data safe and secure from unauthorized access.

It reduces the admin efforts that go into recruitment by letting you set a predefined set of steps that suit your company.

You can also use it to efficiently advertise job roles and get the best candidates for the job. With just a few clicks you can create new job adverts. You can also view the real-time status on every job advert and check if it’s open, on hold, or closed. You won’t have to worry about making silly mistakes or having any mismatched profiles on your job adverts.  


Use the personnel module to keep track of employee details across all locations 

The personnel module helps you digitalize one of the most time-consuming processes. It helps you maintain a centralized data repository of all employee details across all your companies. This allows you to get a real-time overview of everything related to an employee with minimal effort. It also ensures better security for all confidential employee data.

You can also use the personnel module to assign proper access rights to each employee without going through multiple systems or department approvals. Access management can all be done in one place without any hassle. If you’re looking to save time and reduce the burden of admin tasks, this tool is the way to go.

Learn more about the benefits of Personnel module here. 


Identify hotspots with opinion polls  

Vault equips HR managers with powerful data analytics that, when used wisely, can help you avoid future problems. You can use opinion polls to identify hotspots that could reveal the root cause of an issue. For instance, if you’ve been receiving multiple racial bullying complaints from a particular office, you can conduct a poll so that you can get deeper feedback from your employees on what can be done to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Such data can be crucial in helping you devise an action plan to combat office bullying and other types of misconduct on a larger scale. It can help you understand what triggers these problems and allows you to develop the right training programs and work policies to solve these issues.

The data in Vault is entirely auditable which makes it easy for you to track every work process and get a bigger picture across your organization. In order to get the best out of Vault, it all starts with getting a successful buy-in among your employees and HR managers and training them to use it effectively. 


Easy-to-access KPIs 

Keeping a close eye on how each company is performing can be overwhelming, but Vault makes it easier for you. You can easily track key performance indicators (KPIs) and make well-informed decisions based on reliable statistics and reports. You can get the entire picture of a department or the whole company.  

Vault also provides you with data in a real-time overview so that everything is transparent. You can also customize your data view and gather reports on the go. Read our ultimate guide about which KPIs to watch to boost your HR. 



Act as a catalyst for your employees’ growth and that’s when numbers related to your company will start to grow as well. With a multi-company setup, it can be difficult to reach out to your employees face to face and evaluate them based on their performance. Vault helps you design smooth digital experiences with efficiency.

With Vault, you can motivate your employees to perform better. Keep track of your employees and appreciate them by rating their performance and inspiring them to excel.

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Leave management 

In a multi-company setup, it can be an overwhelming task to keep up with the local culture, holidays, festivals, and bank holidays. However, Vault makes this task easier for the HR department. They can easily track attendance and get a comprehensive picture of employees, teams, and offices in the entire company. You can also monitor time-off requests from employees in all the different locations under a single roof with Vault. Vault also allows you to track project time and eliminates timesheet errors.

So, how do you plan to integrate Vault with your HR department? Let us know if you need some suggestions. We can guide you and give you some tips for efficient work with our next gen ERP tool.  

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