Blog Extract practical business insights with custom reports and dashboards

Extract practical business insights with custom reports and dashboards


Business environments demand real-time information and data-driven decisions. To stay ahead, companies need more than just a well-organized database; they require actionable insights that can guide strategy and decision-making. This is where the significance of custom reports and dashboards comes into play. Particularly for ERP solutions like Vault ERP, custom reporting tools and dashboards are not just bells and whistles but essential features that contribute to a business's success.


Why choose custom reports and dashboards?

Adaptability and flexibility

Generic reports and dashboards come with their set of limitations. They might not always capture the unique key performance indicators (KPIs) crucial to your business. Custom reports and dashboards, however, can be tailored to include data points that are most relevant to you, giving you the flexibility to adapt to ever-changing business landscapes.


Real-time information

Prepared templates may not always provide real-time information. With custom reports and dashboards, data is updated in real-time, allowing executives and managers to make well-informed decisions instantly.


Aesthetic and usability

Customization doesn’t just stop at data; it also extends to the layout and presentation. A well-designed dashboard can make it easier for teams to read and interpret data, thus improving overall productivity and effectiveness.


Customizable dashboards and productivity in IT companies

In the IT sector, productivity is the key to staying competitive. While there are numerous tools and practices that can enhance productivity, one that stands out is the use of customizable dashboards within an ERP system like Vault ERP. Here's how customizable dashboards can significantly boost productivity in IT companies:


Real-time monitoring and immediate decision-making

Customizable dashboards can display real-time metrics, which is critical for IT operations. Whether it's server uptime, network latency, or ticket response time, having these key performance indicators (KPIs) visible in real-time enables IT teams to make immediate decisions that could otherwise have taken hours or even days.


Streamlined communication

Customizable dashboards act as a centralized data point that everyone in the company can refer to. This can significantly streamline communication among different departments, removing the necessity for lengthy email threads or meetings just to share numbers or updates. With everyone on the same page, decisions are made faster and more efficiently.


Role-specific dashboards

Not all data is relevant to every team member. Customizable dashboards allow for role-based viewing, meaning individuals only see the data that is relevant to their specific role within the company. Developers, project managers, and executives can each have their own tailored dashboards, focusing their attention only on the metrics that matter most to them.


Fostering accountability

With a customizable dashboard, it's easy to set and monitor individual and team-based KPIs. This transparent approach encourages a sense of responsibility among team members. Knowing that performance metrics are visible and constantly monitored can motivate teams to meet their objectives, thereby increasing overall productivity.


Focus on high-impact activities

By automating the data collection and reporting process, customizable dashboards free up employee time that can be better spent on high-impact activities. Rather than manually compiling reports, IT staff can focus on tasks that add more value to the company, such as improving system architecture or developing new features.


Enhanced resource allocation

Customizable dashboards can offer insights into how resources are being used, whether it's human resources, hardware, or even time. This information can be crucial for optimizing resource allocation, enabling managers to identify bottlenecks or underutilized resources and take corrective actions accordingly.


Goal setting and tracking

Setting, tracking, and achieving goals are essential for any productive team. Customizable dashboards can make the goal-setting and tracking process more straightforward and visually appealing. Teams can view their progress toward goals in real-time, adjusting strategies as necessary to meet deadlines or KPIs.

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Data-driven culture

Last but not least, having a customizable dashboard encourages a data-driven culture. When team members get used to relying on data for their daily activities and long-term strategies, productivity tends to rise. Decisions are no longer based on gut feeling but are backed by real, actionable data.


Customizable dashboards are not just a "nice-to-have" but an essential tool for modern IT companies aiming for high productivity. By providing real-time, relevant data in an easily digestible format, these dashboards empower teams to make informed decisions quickly, allocate resources efficiently, and foster a data-driven culture that is essential for long-term success.


What are custom reports?

Custom reports are unique reporting templates you create to display information relevant to your specific business needs. Unlike generic reports that apply a one-size-fits-all approach, custom reports allow you to focus on particular key performance indicators (KPIs), time frames, and other relevant metrics. These reports can be created within advanced ERP systems like Vault ERP, which offers comprehensive customization options to fit various business models.


Why custom reports matter

Focused insights

The primary advantage of custom reports is their ability to provide focused insights. You can tailor your reports to show only the data that matters to you, eliminating unnecessary information that could cloud your decision-making process.



Custom reports can automate the data gathering and analysis process, thus saving hours of manual work. With a well-configured custom report, you can have instant access to the latest data, presented in a digestible format, at the click of a button.



When custom reports focus on your specific KPIs and metrics, they enable more accurate decision-making. With targeted data at your fingertips, you can make choices that are genuinely aligned with your business goals and objectives.


Flexible and scalable

As your business evolves, so do your reporting needs. Custom reports are flexible and can be easily updated to include new data points or metrics, making them a scalable solution that grows with your business.


Types of custom reports

Financial reports

Custom financial reports can include specific details about revenue, expenses, and profitability that are crucial for stakeholders and investors.


Operational reports

These reports can focus on the internal processes like supply chain metrics, production efficiency, or employee productivity, providing insights that can help optimize day-to-day operations.


Analytical reports

Designed for a deeper dive into data, analytical reports can help you understand trends, patterns, and areas for improvement. They can include data on customer behavior, market trends, and more.


How to create custom reports in Vault ERP

Creating custom reports in Vault ERP is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. Here's an example of how to quickly create time reports in Vault:


1. Click on New Report from the dropdown menu.

2. Fill out the fields and select the filters related to the time report you wish to generate.

3. Click Execute and a time report will be produced.

4. Click Save to preserve the settings for future use.

5. You have the option to generate the report in either PDF or Excel format.

6. You can create a copy of any existing report by clicking Save Copy.


Custom reports are not merely a reporting tool; they are a valuable business asset. By providing targeted, real-time insights tailored to your specific needs, custom reports empower you to make informed decisions that drive success.


How Vault ERP elevates your custom reporting

At Vault ERP, we understand the specific needs of businesses across different sectors. Our flexible system allows for complete customization, making it easier than ever to extract precise business insights that matter to you.


User-friendly customization

Our drag-and-drop interface lets users easily select the data points they want to focus on. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to create a custom report or dashboard.


Seamless integration

Vault ERP seamlessly integrates with a variety of data sources, from spreadsheets to cloud databases, ensuring that you have all the data you need at your fingertips.


Secure and compliant

Your data’s security is our priority. Vault ERP complies with all standard security protocols, ensuring that your custom reports and dashboards are not just insightful but also secure.


Custom reports and dashboards are indispensable tools for modern businesses. They provide a fine-tuned, real-time, and visually appealing way to interpret data that is crucial for your business’s success. Especially for IT companies, where staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage but a necessity, these tools can be a real game-changer. With Vault ERP’s customizable features, you’re not just working with data; you’re creating a blueprint for success.



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