Case study Case study: SilverPeak Global

Case study: SilverPeak Global


Japan is a land of precision, good manners and great customer service. Imagine how challenging it must be working in the HR field in the Land of the Rising Sun. Yet there are companies brave enough to give it everything and provide the best possible services related to human resources for Japanese organizations. One of those companies is SilverPeak Global. 

SilverPeak Global (SPG) is a company that connects Japan and India. It allows ambitious Indians to take a special test called J-cert which is a certificate of Japanese as a foreign language that will improve their chances of employment, business possibilities and enhance the overall quality of life for a foreigner in Japan. The company has offices in Tokyo and Nagasaki in Japan, with the Corporate Head Office at the Silicon Valley of Asia, BengaluruIndia. SPG is present in 6 Asian countries including Nepal, Philippines, South Korea and Uzbekistan. 

SPG has its own business challenges and macroeconomic trends to address. Like any other company, they too must maneuver their way through complexities created by the market, society or competition. 


The challenge

  • A relatively compact team for their workload: 18 employees in India and 5 in Japan. 
  • Their competitors are often fraudsters which cast an unseemly shade on this market segment and the firms operating in it. 
  • Every candidate handled through the SPG program must submit 40 different documents and data sets during the initial processing. 

As you can see, a small team in combination with huge amounts of paperwork to be processed presents a serious obstacle for meeting Japan’s exacting standards on every case handled. Employees of SPG handled about 25-30 candidates per intake, while there are only 4 intakes per year.  


What has changed after the implementation of Vault-ERP? 

Vault is a complete business management system that provides a boost to every aspect of a business organization. HR is no exception as it can truly benefit and scale by using our system. Whether it's storage of applicant/candidate data or automation of repetitive tasks or processes, there is special care taken for data security, in addition to a whole battery of much-needed featuresThe cloud-hosted Vault-ERP becomes a perfect fit for your HR function and personnel.  

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These are the numbers after implementing Vault at SPG

  • SilverPeak's employees were able to more than triple the amount of program applications they process. From 30 candidates per employee, the number of processed applications rose to 100 candidates per employee. 
  • With the increased efficiency from the improvement in applicant processing, employees now had time to increase focus on other tasks. Thus, the overall efficiency of internal processes, as a whole, improved by almost 70%. 

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  • The increased processing led to more growth. Now that more applications are going through the system, more people are seen and then placed in the program. Improved efficiency and more application throughput have led to client delight and rapid growth in repeat business. 


Imagine how Vault can help your business 

SilverPeak Global used customized checklists from one Vault module to automate many repetitive tasks. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Adapting our system to your needs is truly easy with excellent support from us, who are the product creators and owners. We believe our job is not finished just by creating Vault. We want to nurture it and grow it by helping our clients grow in their businesses.   

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