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HR process automation can land you a better candidate


Your company’s workforce is one of your most important assets. Employees can make or break the company. So when you recruit new candidates into your organization, you have to ensure that they are the perfect fit for their role. That’s where the HR department comes in, as recruitment and hiring are one of their key responsibilities.

But recruitment is never an easy process. Finding the perfect candidate can be a tedious task involving a lot of screening, verification, and a thorough assessment of the applicant’s skill set and work ethic. Combine that with the numerous other responsibilities of the HR department – onboarding and training, maintaining records of employees, managing employee benefits, and more – and it can become overwhelming, affecting the recruitment process and lowering the chances of hiring the right people.

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So what can be done to help the HR team conduct the recruitment process efficiently while still managing all other tasks and duties? A practical and highly effective solution is to automate HR processes. And in fact, it has been very well proven that HR automation does help in optimizing the recruitment processes. Almost 38% of enterprises use AI automation to help HR services, and about 62% are set to include automation as a significant part of their HR processes very soon. HR automation has been found to save money by 30%. It saves time spent on recruitment by 67%, helps remove human bias by 43%, and most importantly, increases the probability of matching the right candidate by 31%.

Find out how HR automation can improve the quality of your workforce by helping you hire better candidates.


What exactly is HR automation?

A human resource management system has many functions. There are some tasks that only employees can do, such as skill assessment, training, and decision making. However, there are many repetitive and mundane tasks that are still important for the running of the organization, such as record keeping, digital paperwork, payroll management, reminders, alerts, and more. HR automation aims to put these tasks on autopilot with the help of specialized software.

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Benefits of HR process automation for your hiring

The main benefits of automating HR processes include:

Reduced time to hire

Hiring the right candidate for a vacant position at a company is a multi-step process. An HR automation process can do the work in half the time. You can find the right candidates more quickly by automating processes such as candidate screening, assessments, sending interview invites, completing evaluation of candidates, and more. Furthermore, HR automation can help initially recognize the necessary talent within the company, benefiting internal recruitment. 


Seamless talent acquisition 

Talent acquisition - finding the right candidate for the right job at the right time - is key. The process involves finding, attracting, hiring, and retaining top talents within the company. 

When automation is integrated into the talent acquisition process, the efficiency increases. The software allows HR managers to find and attract candidates through various platforms, and to securely store the data of all applicants in an organized manner. Furthermore, after the recruitment process is concluded, the data remains secure and can be used for future reference. 

With HR automation, the software can handle several important tasks with faster speed, better workflow, and most importantly, 100% accuracy.

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Better candidate screening

Candidate screening is the process of reviewing all the job applications received. It involves reading the resumes, separating the resumes that match the job description, reviewing each candidate’s profile, and finally meeting them in interviews (telephone or face to face).

Human resources software in this stage provides optimized data management, keeps candidates’ resumes/job profiles safe, and helps shortlist them (with the help of keywords, etc.). It helps remove any human bias that might come into play during the hiring process. Furthermore, it is easy to send out interview invites with the help of automation.  


Improved candidate experience

HR automation is not only helpful for employers, but job seekers as well. A candidate who applies to a company that uses HR automation experiences an improved and streamlined hiring process. 

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Automated reminders and notifications

One top advantage is that candidates are kept informed at each stage of the hiring process. An HR ERP tool enables HR employees to set automated reminders and notifications. Through this, candidates receive reminders for their interview calls or can be notified of any current openings in the organization. 


Lower recruiting costs

HR automation reduces the workload of HR employees. In addition, companies may not necessarily have to hire an HR team for the hiring process when using automation. This cuts down the costs greatly. Moreover, the overall hiring process is made more money efficient. The paperwork is reduced, which means fewer stationery costs. The hiring time is reduced, as HR automation allows in-house recruitment or sending invites to previously shortlisted candidates again. As a result, it keeps the HR KPIs in check. 

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How can you keep candidates interested?

HR automation plays a big part in keeping the candidate interested as well. A job seeker applies to multiple companies at the same time. If you lose the opportunity to hire a talented candidate, you may lose it to your competitor. Thus, keeping the right candidate interested in your hiring process is very important. HR automation makes this possible with the help of:


Automated emails and navigation

HR automation manages your database and enables sending automated emails according to the provided data. The software also helps create emails to attract the candidates and provide a good first impression of the company. 


Access to relevant information

An HR software also sends out relevant information to selected candidates as and when the HR employees need to. They can send out interesting facts, progress, company performance, and other relevant information about the company to applicants as part of the onboarding process. 


Use the right tool for HR process automation

So, how can you automate HR processes? The right tool for HR automation can make all the difference. It will handle many essential recruitment processes such as scheduling interviews, sharing information, managing databases, job openings, and everything in between. As such, it makes things easier for recruiters and lets them stay focused on other important aspects of recruitment, such as testing candidates’ skills, analyzing their mindset, and understanding their work ethics.

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If you are ready to take the efficiency of your HR team to the next level, then Vault HR automation might be the perfect solution. The software’s recruitment module includes features that help you manage your job postings, candidate information, verification and screening, and much more all in one package. It ensures that only the right candidates move forward in the recruitment process. And while Vault takes care of these repetitive processes, your recruiters can put their effort into finding the best candidates for your organization.



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